When scheduling road hours, it is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the date and time of his or her lesson as well as the location of pick-up. When scheduling, please specify the location of pick-up (for example: home, work, school). If you need to cancel or change your location of pick-up, it is imperative that the student give at least 24 hours notice to the time of the lesson (48 hours notice is required if the student has a lesson that is the day after a holiday or Mondays; for example on July 5, notice would need to be given on July 3).

There will be a $30.00 charge for each hour missed if the student fails to give appropriate notification of a cancellation. A student is not free to leave a pick-up area until the instructor is more than 15 minutes late, other-wise there will be a missed lesson fee. If the student does not drive with an adult for 32 hours, the student must supplement the hours with the driving school, which will be an additional fee of $60.00 per hour. *This adult must have had a CT. license for four or more years and has not been suspended during the four years prior to training* If you had a license from another state we need a copy of your driving history from that state.

Locations of pick-up for road hours are as follows (School Year Only!):

  • Fairfield Warde High School students will be picked up on Knapps Highway, outside of the main parking lot-in front of the gym entrance..
  • Fairfield Ludlowe High School students will be picked up in the teacher’s parking lot (near the bike racks).
  • Greens Farms Academy students will be picked up at the top of the parking lot.
  • Staples High School students will be picked up at the parking lot beyond the buses.
  • Fairfield Prep students will be picked up at the main entrance of the school on North Benson Road.
  • Notre Dame High School students will be picked up at the same location that the buses depart.
  • If student is not being picked up from his/her school, he/she will be picked up at home, unless other arrangements are made.